Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling that brings you together

Are you feeling like something has changed between you and your partner? Not sure how to bridge the distance? Couples counselling could help you overcome this hurdle.

Meet Imago Relationship Therapy

Instead of traditional counselling where you and your partner sit on opposite ends of a couch and vent to a therapist; Imago Relationship Counselling brings you two together. It helps you understand the stages of any healthy relationship and how to navigate the Power Struggle phases into conscious, curious connectedness. It’s trusted the world over by celebrities and thought leaders like Oprah.

At Cherry Orchard Counselling, we use Imago relationship Therapy; together with decades of psychotherapeutic, integrative and mental health expertise, to provide you and your partner with a safe space to grow towards each other again.

Looking for better treatment?

Imago Therapy is recommended for couples who are:

  • Feeling a loss of connection
  • Struggling with less intimacy or a poor sex life
  • Dealing with a triggering crisis like infidelity
  • Feeling lonely while in the relationship
  • Unsure what’s next for the relationship
  • Looking to find each other again in an empty nest

How it works

While every couple is different, the basic steps are the same:

  1. Exploratory call – Here we look to identify the general circumstances in your relationship and why you’re seeking therapy.
  2. Contract session – Next we’ll review the Imago Therapy contract and explore the Imago Dialogue that’s core to the technique.
  3. Fortnightly sessions – Finally, you’ll commit to the Imago approach in fortnightly sessions. Most couples see noticeable progress within 3 months.

Why choose us?

At Cherry Orchard Counselling, we’re doing more than creating a safe, non-judgemental zone. Founder, Lucy Edwards, is a fully-qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Imago Therapist and a registered member of the BACP. Our approach is one of warmth, understanding and empathy that draws on decades of experience with the Police, Fire Service, NHS and a local Domestic Abuse organisation.

FAQs about couples counselling

The first exploratory call is absolutely free. If Imago seems like a good fit for you and your partner, then we’ll book in the £100, 60-minute contract session. Following that, fortnightly sessions are £150 for 90 minutes.

That depends. Imago relationship therapy is centred around learning a dialogue technique which allows one person to speak and the other to listen without interruption. We’ll help you successfully learn this way of communicating so that you reach a point where you no longer need therapy; good communication just becomes part and parcel of your relationship as you work towards your ideal future.

We offer both options. Feel free to choose whatever is most convenient and comfortable for you and your partner.